About Us

Why We Exist

“People Don’t Care What You Do Until They Know Why You Do It”
- Simon Sinnek

Most corporate environments today care more about their numbers than they do about their people. They care more about the short term gains and quarterly results than they do about the long term health and growth of their people and clients.

In a world where instant gratification has become paramount and relationships more superficial Integra Surfaces was created to enable meaningful relationships and work for all people it comes into contact with. We care more about the joy, impact and fulfilment of working hard over the long term to forge sincere relationships, meaningful work, personal growth and great outcomes.

Inspired by the ethos and success of Bridgewater Associates, radical truth and radical transparency are the principles that guide everything we do.

With over 22 years of experience in the specification and distribution of ceramic tiles nationally Andrew Gordon created Integra Surfaces in early 2018. Having worked in organisations where written guiding principles and mission statements abounded but were never really “lived” he decided to create an organisation where everyone who comes into contact with it will experience the passion and commitment to the guiding principals mentioned above. In January 2019 Paul Greco joined Integra Surfaces as an equal partner bringing with him 10 years of industry experience and the natural enthusiasm, character and commitment to our clients and results we share at Integra Surfaces.

What We Do

Working closely with a limited number of clients we provide specifiers, builders and developers with incredible products to meet their ever evolving needs with absolute integrity – Hence our name.

Drawing on our long relationships with suppliers and clients developed over many years we bring the latest in surface technology from around the world to Australia. With the deepest understanding of ceramic tiles and the building industry we translate that knowledge into cost effective, compliant and practical solutions creating the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Through many years of dealing with manufacturers from across the globe and clients nationally within the construction industry we're able to draw upon our knowledge to provide the finest surface solutions meeting design briefs in the most cost effective way. Bypassing the traditional ceramic tile supply chain of importers with expensive showrooms and their associated overheads incorporated into end pricing we offer a unique direct factory procurement solution enabling significant savings to be achieved by our clients whilst maintaining the highest possible standards of finishes and compliance.